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Monday, February 20, 2006


Jim Donahue

Those pigs are damned freaky.


Billy Redden

Mark H

5 points, although this one is kind of messed up and I can't figure it out. Hoyt Pollard is credited on the internet movie database, but most sources say it's Redden.

Look at the cast on this site:

It credits Billy Redden as "Lonny", and Hoyt Pollard as "Boy at gas station". So which one is the banjo boy?


the one that gets me the biomes points

Mark H

You get them either way. And anyone who can conclusively figure this out also gets another 5. (I'm guessing you need to be familiar with the book, since I don't remember anyone named Lonny in the movie).

Derryl Murphy

Yeah, Billy Redden played Lonnie, and also appeared in Tim Burton's BIG FISH as "Banjo Man."


Mark H

But Lonny and "boy at gas station" can't be the same person since the movie credits list two actors. I've read through about twenty sites and still can't get it.

Although I did learn one cool thing: The banjo boy (Pollard or Redden) couldn't fake playing the instrument well enough, so his left hand is actually another kid with his arm in the actor's sleeve pressing the banjo strings.


filmsite.org says Redden is the boy on the porch playing the banjo.

"One of the film's highlights is a lively, captivating banjo duel of bluegrass music, "Dueling Banjos" (actual title "Feudin' Banjos" - arranged and played by Eric Weissberg with guitarist Steve Mandell). [The song was authored by Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith in the 50s, and copyrighted by the Combine Music Corp.] Drew begins by playing chords on his guitar. A deformed, retarded, albino hillbilly youngster (Billy Redden) (on banjo) appears on the porch and answers him."

Do I win?

Mark H

Yep, 5 points. But I still don't know who "Lonny" is.

Jonny Cigarettes

Billy Redden definitely played "Banjo Boy". He was credited as "Lonny" because that was the banjo boy's name in the book, although not mentioned in the movie.

Hoyt Pollard is the kid who says "want your car, mister" or some such.

Interestingly, Billy Redden has no clue who Hoyt Pollard is.


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Good morning
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Zeke Reynolds

Does anyone know if Billy has an e-mail address? I have been a fan of his for years, and would like to find out how he's doing. I sure would appreciate any help you could give me. And I'm not related to the actor. Zeke


I totally agree with you

Richard Manverse

If you'll notice, the list of cast members is in order of appearance. Therefore, the boy with the banjo is Billy Redden and the boy at the gas station is Hoyt Pollard.


Hoyt Pollard ("boy at gas station") appeared at the end of the movie. Billy Redden (though he ALSO was a boy at a gas station!) was the banjo-playing kid that appeared early in the film.


I just met Billy redden. He was the banjo player. Real nice Guy. He did mention hoyt. He doesn't like him very much

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