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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Derryl Murphy

Taxi Driver.



Reservior Dogs.

D. Sidhe

I don't think they're sticking up for him because they believe in him. I think it's kneejerk anti-liberal sentiment. My neighbor's that way. She'd dance naked in a Circle at the Solstice if she thought it'd piss off the liberals rather than, uh, just strike us all blind. As it is, she just keeps adding pro-W bumper stickers to her gas guzzler.

The funny thing is, she doesn't actually agree with him on very much at this point. She thinks he's too liberal on the subject of letting gays live, she thinks he's taking the religious right for granted, she thinks he should round up all the immigrants (possibly the legal ones, too, really), she thinks he should accomplsih drilling in ANWR by fiat if necessary, she thinks he should put together an executive order banning abortion, and, my personal favorite, she thinks Iraq was a mistake because after they knocked down the Towers, they didn't deserve Our Boys going over there and fighting the terrorists for the liberation of the Iraqi people--and look how ungrateful they're all being!

In short, she's crazy. But she knows in her heart that the people she's opposed to, the feminists and the queers and the foreigners and the liberals and the environmentalists and the terrorists, all hate Bush. And that's good enough for her.

Oh, did I mention she's disabled and relies on that Social Security check? You'd think she'd see it's not in her interests to have voted for the guy--twice.

The world is full of irrational contrarians who don't understand consequences. It's downright depressing.

Mark H

Interesting, and I'm glad I don't live on your street. I doubt the terrorists hate Bush all that much.

5 pts for Derryl and Shayera. There are more movies that qualify. Also, this puts Derryl in the lead with 66 pts.


Dusk to Dawn is another one.

I would watch that miniseries so I could rip it to shreds, but, I feel that I have better things to do. Like clip my toenails, scrub the toilet...


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