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Thursday, August 09, 2007



I guess we really should quit bitching over gas prices, eh? Or start bitching about printer ink?

D. Sidhe

To be fair, HPs are pretty conservative with ink usage. My old Epson existed to waste ink in as many as ten different ways on a single document. Drove me up a tree, I was replacing cartridges twice a month. Worst printer I've ever owned.

I've got a HP officejet now, cost me twice as much as the Epson. The ink's about the same price. And I replace a cartridge maybe once every four months. And I use the thing a lot. It's the hybrid car of printers to the Epson's SUV. And with better print quality thrown in and amazing customer service. Rave reviews all around, from me.


I have that gif stored on my PC -- it's one of my favorites. I can't decide of the Victim was already breaking through the ice with his left foot just before the Badass smacked him flat.

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