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Tuesday, February 28, 2012



I'm glad Creole is recovering. I lost a dog overnight something like that.


That's scary. You showed good judgement getting her to the vet. As an experienced dog owner, you know you have to trust your instincts in cases like that.

Tony Stewart Aka Knucklehead

Get well soon.


Oh, Mark - I am so glad it was caught in time. I am afraid I constantly err on the side of being too concerned with Simone - if she sneezes we are at the vet's office. I am so glad Creole is on the mend!


What a fright that must have been! Hope she's back on form soon.

Mark H

The carpet cleaners just left. $300.

Mark H

And I haven't even gotten the vet bill yet.


What with two dogs and five cats in the house, I can sympathise with the vet bills.

We had to give up on carpets altogether a good while back.


mustang sally

Anything like that makes for a long, nerve-wracking night. Glad she is going to be ok, glad you are ok, sorry about the carpet. You've still got your sweet dog though.


I pray that she would get well soon, If you follow the treatments carefully.

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