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Tuesday, August 14, 2012



Has she calmed down a bit?


Karen asked what I clicked over to ask - how's Creole doing? Personality swinging back to before yet?

Mark H

Not a lot of change. She was playing really well with a kid the other day with her stuffed animals, which I thought was going great, and just as I was relaxing a bit, out of the blue she bit him on the forehead, then continued playing like nothing happened. She's still unpredictable and that's not good.


I'm sorry to hear that Mark. I was hoping she had reverted to her old self. I sure you have - have you asked your vet about this change in behavior? Different story, but my vet suggested vitamins C and E because my old dog is exhibiting some changes.



I met a woman who has a service dog and trained him by herself with the help of a dog behaviorist.
she also helped a friend with advice whose dog used to growl at people passing by, while sitting in a car. the problem could be solved within a couple of months.

if you like to contact her, let me know. I am connected with her via facebook.

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