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Sunday, November 25, 2012


M. T.

I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I hope you can help Creole and I hope you'll be able to keep everyone safe.

mustang sally

Can you just treat the symptoms till you find someone who can help her? In other words, maybe a muzzle when she has to around other people, or keep her in a crate at work? These aren't solutions but in the short term better than other alternatives. I feel your pain.

Mark H

That's my plan, although I'm told that my crating her at work is part of the cause because it encourages denning.


Has a vet talked about an anti depressant? It could help calm her.

Is she neutered?

A muzzle for safety isn't out of the question when she is at work.

I had a coonhound that had some issues when the first kid was born. Obedience school and long long walks to de-stress her worked but I was lucky.

Maybe another dog for company at work? Can you borrow a dog for a few days that she gets along with?

Could she still be ill? That can cause this too.

Vickie Feminist

So sorry.

Possible aids from years of dog owning and being a human clinical social worker leads me to suggest: Bach's Rescue Remedy and maybe cod liver oil (it evens humans' emotional ups and downs.)

You might try going to Balloon Juice the liberal blog and see if they'll ask readers to find you a quiet home for her.


Mark - I have no idea if this is the same, but my boxer is suspected of having Cushing's Disease. It can cause pancreatitsis. It also causes hair loss. Her behavior hasn't changed like Creole's, but I have been doing a LOT of reading about the disease. Creole is young, but so was Simone when I suspect it began. It is a pancreatic disease. Ask your vet. The one here in the Hill Country is the one who really put me on it when I thought she was dying after the six hour ride here.

Don't know - just sayin'.

Mark H

The vet has tested her to make sure it isn't a medical cause. I'll try the muzzle when kids are in the building, although I'm becoming in tune to when she might snap. Everyone who meets her can't believe she is capable of biting.


I have also had a bit of luck with Thundershirts to calm an anxious dog. It helps some dogs more than others. Might be worth a try.

Mark P

I feel for you and deeply respect your willingness to keep on trying to solve a problem as serious as biting can be. I really hope you find someone who can help. I have never had to deal with this kind of problem; I would be at a loss.

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