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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Jim Laurel

My sympathy. But you didn't let Creole down...you may well have saved her. If she had hurt someone her fate may have no longer been in your control. At least this way she will have a good home and love.

Ohio Mom

So sorry. Hope there will be some comfort in knowing you did everything you could, including finding her a loving home. Please take good care of yourself in this period of grief.


I am so sorry. I think she will probably adjust to her new home well. I'm sorry you are left with the absence and guilt feeling. You shouldn't feel guilt though - you did what was absolutely best for her. Small children are a big part of your life with the center, she couldn't fit there.

Mark P

I am sorry, too. I had really hoped Creole could get over her problems. But, as you already know, sometimes the best thing to do is the hardest thing to do. And, as you already know, if her new owners love her, she will be fine. You are the one who will feel the hurt and pay the price.

mustang sally

I wish we could explain to dogs why certain things turn out the way they do & why it may be for the best. But we can't. Creole is lucky to have found you. You were always in her corner & did right by her. She will settle into her new home & find happiness. And you will have good memories of her always. You did the right thing - take comfort in that.


You know you did far more than most people would have done, and it's not like you're leaving her on some street corner.

I can remember the night before we had to put down one of our dogs. I spent most of the evening scratching her stomach too.

Derryl Murphy

That's a tough but humane call you had to make, Mark. She'll live a good life now, thanks to you.


She had a great home with you, and you've made sure she'll have another great home. I feel for you, but it seems to me you're making sure she's all right, not letting her down.


A great solution to a difficult problem.

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