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Monday, August 25, 2014



i'm not sure talk radio and Fox News are so much the problem, but rather the symptom.

joel hanes

The country's been racist since 1492, and has only changed some.

We were doing better for a while, and then Reagan completed the work of turning the Republican Party to the dark side.

But yes, Murdoch and Ailes and Limbaugh have a lot to answer for, and will roast in Hell if my Sunday-school teachers were correct.


the cop has not been tried or convicted of anything yet if at all...why is it everyone assumes that he is at fault automatically. if at the end of the investigation he is to be charged then so be it but dont convict him with hearsay and media stories. I am a cop myself and white to boot, and I have seen first hand that much of what is broadcast is pieces of the truth and the officer will probably have to spend several hundred thousand dollars feeding lawyers because of the media frenzy. But dont get me wrong if the officer is wrong then he should be prosecuted. I will wait for more substantial information.

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