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Tuesday, September 20, 2005



Yay--all I have to do is keep my coffee intake to less than 117 cups today and I'm safe!


I'm not really conflicted.

I can't imagine why anyone voted for this obviously intellectually and socially retarded silver spoon subchoice 4.5 years ago and I REALLY have to question the sanity of those who voted for him last November. It was so clear to the rest of us that I just have to say neener neener neener I told you so.

Now look at the mess. Some of it can be cleaned up, MAYBE. But the most important part of it may be forever beyond reparation.

If I had kids, I'd be worried. I'd be really worried.


I gotta watch my coffee intake...

And NOT be a Dumby.


Mark H

I met this man a while back at his great granddaughter's birthday party. He was 93 and sharp as a tack and turned out to be a retired political historian professor. I asked him what he thought of the current administration. He got all choked up looking at all the kids and all he could say is "I'm appalled". This guy has seen a lot and obviously knows his stuff and he has never seen anything like this crew. How can so many people still not see it? I know all excuses-- the media, laziness, denial. But I just can't understand it.


lol @ inigo montoya...

Mark H

gotta give tbogg full credit for that one.

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