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Saturday, October 15, 2005



It's a great list of values. I subscribe to every single one. Thanks.


You know, I wish someone running for office would speak with such clarity and fortitude.


Mark, where did that list come from?

Mark H

Just off the top of my head. It was 2 am after a long night of poker, so that's all I could come up with at the time.


That was a great list.



Great list.


Your list rocks, I agree totally and am on my way to Unpartisan.com to change my listing from moderate to liberal.

If the Demos could get their act together and spout that list without editing this country would be a better place and soft Repubs would have a reason to switch.


I just hate that you had to write it. I really wonder when "liberal" became a four letter word.


An excellent piece. I agree in almost every particular.

The only exception is in healthcare, where my standard would be "excellent" rather than "the best", with minimum standards set by the AMA. That would allow the system to be affordable and for those who could afford to do so to continue to pursue exotic, experimental, or desperation treatments while still caring for those who can't now afford it.

Thank you.


Good going, Mark. Most liberals are also too polite to tell facists to f**k off, but it is time and past time to stand up for positive values instead of letting the defenders of pork and corruption seize the day.

not a total conservative

Well You libs have nice ideals.... the trouble is that you can't make a perfect world from ideals. The libbies general way of looking at foreign aggression is to be passive and pretned to not see it, hoping it will go away. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty and do the deed.. sorry but the libs way of foreign affairs just sucks. As it is we are too nice,.. our enemies have no morals whatsoever.. do they? Do we strike known civilimnas? No but our enemies do they simply put they simply want us DEAD .. they do not want to talk or negotiate.. Wake up!

Mark H

not a t.c:
You're a bit incoherent, but I think I get your drift. Watch Fox much? Attacking and occupying a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 isn't sound reasoning. You need to read more leftist blogs and get some reality into your head.

Normally I'd delete this comment and ban you for being so clueless. But it was just too funny (in a sad kind of way) to make disappear.

Helga Fremlin

Great list of values indeed Mark!

A person with a question

I have a retort to your list, but before I do, (and this is not intended to be sarcasm in any way), do you allow for people to post with opposing viewpoints?

I ask this because you threatened to ban one of the comments because he disagreed with your list. I'm not going to bother posting if you're just going to delete the post.

However, if you are interested in a debate over your list, I will be happy to oblige.

Mark H

I won't debate it, but I won't delete it either. So fire away. As long as it's not offensive, it stays up. I was only half joking upthread. The comment above wasn't all that offensive, even though it was very sloppily written.

Just stay away from the usual rightwing talking points (Iraq was a threat, what about 9/11, trickle-down economics works). It's all been debunked elsewhere and gets to be very tiresome. Well reasoned thinking, however, is welcome even if I disagree.

A person with a question

Ok. You say those talking points have been debunked. From your viewpoint perhaps, but not to a great number of Americans. Remember, we won the last election.

The one thing I'm surprised about is that idea that Liberals are supposed to be the ones with the "open minds", where people may discuss what they will. I find it disheartening that for someone who just posted "I believe in free speech" in his blog doesn't want to discuss 9/11, or why we're in Iraq.


Mark H

This is my blog. You can exercize your right to free speech by posting whatever you want here and I can exersize mine by deleting it.

I've also been known to edit comments to make it seem like a commenter says the exact opposite of what they meant. It's kind of fun. But I was nice to you. I even fixed a couple of typos for ya.

A person with a question

So, in other words, you don't like free speech, just the type that agrees with you.

It is your blog, though, and I will respect your space by not posting any further.

Mark H

There's a very good discussion going on about this post at that Amazon Basin site I linked to in entry #674. It might be a good place to debate this stuff.

I'm honestly not trying to run you off or anything, I just don't do the "debate forum" stuff here. Simple as that. Check out the links that appeal to you and ignore the stuff that doesn't.

And my not being willing to debate here, when there are tons of other places to do so, has nothing to do with the first ammendment.

If someone came into my shop and verbally abused my staff, I would kick them out and ban them from coming back. That is not being against free speech. Being arrested for wearing an anti-bush t-shirt is suppressing free speech. I'm sure you understand the difference.

By the way. Thanks for being polite. Seriously.

A person with a question

You have a good point.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction for a debate on your list, and thank you for your kind words.


[*Poof* Comment deleted and poster banned because the Biomes Blog is a monkey-free zone.]


Yes, I am a liberal. I’m not a moderate, I’m not a progressive. I’m a liberal. A label I am more proud of every day. I do not hate America, I love her. And I believe in everything that is good about this country and I oppose everything that is not. Me too!
I despise corporate welfare. How do you feel about individual welfare?
I support the right of a woman to control her own body. How about the fetus’ rights?
I believe every child should have access to the best education we can give them. I think they use and appreciate it better if they earned some of it.
I oppose wars based on profit, greed and lies. How do you feel about Clinton’s bombing on the Chinese Embasy? Or Clinton’s opinion that Hussein had WMD’s?
I believe it is our duty to protect ecosystems and biodiversity. To what extent?
I want my children and grandchildren to inherit a healthy environment. Let’s start by letting Mother Nature take New Orleans back to wet lands.
I believe that every person should be afforded the best health care regardless of their income. At who’s expense? Like Canada? Not me.
I hate racism, sexism and homophobia. How do you feel about Christianphobia? Conservativephobia? Wealthphobia?
I believe, as our founding fathers did, in the separation of church and state. So you advocate Atheism as political dogma? That’s becoming a state religion. You sound like you’d rather abolish religion all together, rather than promote is practice in an environment free from persecution and constraint.
I favor fiscal responsibility and fairness in government. You sound like it wasn’t fair that you lost. That’s just spin for how pissed you are that the money isn’t being spent where you want it.
I oppose cruelty to children, pets and wildlife. Where do you draw the line? Would you ban cars from highways to prevent road kill? Would you quit putting stuff on your rabbit’s head?
I think the “war on drugs” is a sham. So do I.
I want energy independence and the emergence of alternative energy sources. Me too, I want to drill in ANWAR.
I don’t want to see our country interfering in another nation’s business, except to stop genocide or to encourage environmental responsibility. Ask the Kurds about genocide.
I believe global warming is a real threat and that we need to take steps to stop this disaster in its tracks. It’ll take more than steps. Leaps probably won’t work either.
I believe in science, not mythology. I believe in truth; a state at which neither science nor mythology has fully arrived. Guarateed, 100 years from now some of the science we accept today will seem as archaic as Greek mythology or spontaneous generation does to us today.
I think every American deserves the opportunities of an education and access to jobs that provide a living wage. Do you want them all working for the government? Or are you rethinking your malicious stance on corporations.
I believe in the free market, but that this free market must be regulated to protect the poor from the rich, the weak from the strong. Talking in circles here.
I believe in free speech and the right to criticize the government when it is acting against our people’s interests. Me too.
I am anti-torture. Me too.
I am a liberal. Live with it and learn from it. You vote against your own interests. I vote for the interests of everyone.

I am not, nor am I a conservative. I think both positions are about as boneheaded, self serving and counter productive as it gets. I’ve been looking for a label for myself and have yet to find an organized group out there that isn’t full of hidden agendas, spin, corruption, shallow doctrine, all smeared like peanut butter across a moral piece of thin crusted, weak knead wonder bread.

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