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Friday, December 16, 2005



You are the only one who consistently gets music I even recognize. :)

Mark H

Ever see Tbogg's lists? I think he just makes all those groups up.


Mare Winningham was the actor who was in all three of the movies.
And you must tell us what you friend was doing out in Madagascar that got him eaten by a crocodile!

Mark H

Good job. 6 points.

The crocodile thing is a bit out of context without the image that typepad lost (update: now replaced), but he was a Madagascan native hired by researchers studying lemurs who was assigned to the volunteer interns as a guide to protect them from getting lost in the forest or eaten by crocodiles when collecting water. On his day off he got caught by a croc while collecting water.


That's awful.

Mark H

My friend was an intern in the lemur study and he was her guide for three weeks. The guide would constantly warn them to never collect water alone. You always needed to have a second person there to watch for crocs. Then on his day off he went to the river to collect water by himself. From what I understand (and this is just rumor) he asked that if he ever got caught that the park rangers not shoot the animal to recover his body. Sad, but you have to admire this guy for his love for the animals of his island that are rapidly dissappearing due to deforestation and development.


I watch way too much Animal Planet not to be awed by his dedication. Crocs are such truly amazing creatures. I find it impossible not to admire them for their abilities. But still, I can't imagine how terrifying it must have been.



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