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Saturday, January 14, 2006



I'm thinking it's a picture of a very young Tiger Woods.


definately Tiger Woods

Mark H

No on Tiger.

Jim Donahue

>>They always have Foxnooze playing on the big screen

I changed haircutters when the woman who had been cutting my hair remarked one day that the only TV she watched was Fox News.


Jim Donahue

>>>Check out this photo of the butts of mites sticking out of your eyelash hair follicle.

Oh, and thanks loads for this.

Pardon me as I go shave off my eyelash hairs...


the second prize pic is way better than the first prize pic... who wants to see a TEM of iron boringness when you could see MUTANT EYELASH PARASITES???!? yuck, excuse me while i pull every hair on my body out


btw doesn't it cost like YAY much money to take pictures w/ electron microscopes? lol on people examining random body sheddings/byproducts/fluids... like do you think anyone ever asked leeuwenhoek where exactly he got that living sperm sample he got so famous for? also, um, how'd he prove it to anyone else? get more living sperm? eww?

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