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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Jim Donahue

Clint Eastwood???? He's great, but as Superman?


Depends on how you define "debate". That isn't actually what most of those right-wingers are doing. But sometimes people disagree with you and then in the course of argument change their minds - or yours.

Mark H

You're right, but it is very rare in the impersonal, not face to face interactions you get on blogs. Look at my small example I gave above. At the time (Sept. 2004) there was no way any response from me could have changed her mind in the least. It's why I don't bother doing that here. I just post the links or my opinion and a reader can take it or leave it as it is.

And Jim, I love Clint but you're right. Superman?!

Jim Donahue

Why are generic Rice Krispies so crummy? I decided to buy the store brand to save a buck recently, and they're awful. No crunch, all air, get soggy immediately.

Yuck. How hard can it be to puff rice?

Mark H

Generic brands must be cooked at a lower temperature which creates fewer and weaker bonds between the carbohydrate molecules in the rice and reducing the number of air pockets within each grain.

(I can't believe I just answered that seriously:-)


I dunno... the generic ones make good squares! (I also use generic marshmallows!)



I recognize the significant gas savings you get with the hybrid, but aren't you facing some significant routine maintenance costs down the road? Won't you have to replace the $2,300 battery in a few years? That kind of thing? I've heard the hybrids are still not cost effective over the long run, though if saving gas is the goal, they are they way to travel.

Mark H

Maintenance isn't much different from any other car and the batteries are warranteed for 100,000 miles but expected to go much longer than that. I'll probably trade it in long before that happens anyway. Also, the battary costs are going down each year as more and more cars are sold. I can't see the costs possibly being higher than the total gas savings.

Plus, no pollution whenever the car is stopped or idling like in traffic or in drive throughs.


Thanx for the informative response. I've obviously been listening to doomsayers about the hybrids. I'll try to do better. (Seriously, I think it was Limbaugh who's made a campaign about how hybrids are so much more expensive to operate. Why would he do that? Even a conservative has to see the end of oil coming.)

Mark H

It's just like the climate change issue. I can't understand why it's political and how any person with a brain could actually be actively against solving this problem. It defies logic.

I've also heard the argument that hybrids are too expensive. I couldn't find a decent used van for what I paid for the Prius, plus there is a nice tax writeoff when you buy one new.

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