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Monday, September 25, 2006



yet another total winner of a film. I think Cinema Paradiso contains one of the all time saddest scenes in film history... (SPOILER ALERT!) when the old man is burned, and the little boy is calling his name... Alfredo, Alfredo...


That is a chimera pup. It's actually a lot more cheerful than a lot of deep sea creatures I've ever seen pictures of.

The Big Dog makes me long for the days when we had a literate, articulate man in the Presidency.

Mark H

5 pts for half the name (chimera).

D. Sidhe

It looks like a spookfish, actually. Rhinochimera is the genus name, if that's what you mean by "half the name". And it looks weirder when dead. The nose is definitely suffering from gravity. That one looks a lot like my seventeen pound cat when she flops on the ground and her belly spreads out.


Actually, I meant pup as in young chimera, not as part of it's name.

Mark H

Full name is Long-Nosed Chimera. 5 pts also to D. Sidhe for the scientific name.

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