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Thursday, November 09, 2006



In Tennessee R Corker defeated D Ford for an open senate seat. This was the worst mudslinging I have ever seen and this went for both candidates. Now I can finally watch tv in peace.


from across the Atlantic warm congratulations with the election results! And thank you for your wonderful and entertaining blog.

Mark H

Thanks gasteria, I'm happy.

DJ, it was an open seat but one that was held by a Republican right? So I still don't think we actually lost any seats, although I haven't heard about the two races in Georgia yet.


Does anyone besides me think all of this happened far too easily? (I don't mean to disrespect all of the work everyone did to turn the election toward the light.) I mean the concessions on such razor-thin wins. No one is contesting anything. Even in Missouri it was pretty close. I wonder if there is some Plan B that will happen soon.

Mark H

A good friend of mine is the new head of my town's Republican party (I know, go figure). I saw him tonight and he was saying how crushed his party got, right down to local schoolboards. He also claimed to be glad the dems took congress because now they have two years to make things right (without saying who it was that made things wrong in the first place) and that now the ball is in the democrat's court.

Expect a real mess in 2008

Susan the Neon Nurse

May I ask where you got that fantastic shirt? Did you make it yourself? I would REALLY like a shirt like that!

Mark H

Not mine, I just found the photo somewhere on the web. But I googled it and you can buy one here:


Susan the Neon Nurse

Thank you so much, Mark, for taking the time to come to my LJ site and give me the link! I was already planning to come back here on a regular basis, but you didn't know that. Anyway, I shared the link around a bunch, so maybe they will sell a bunch of shirts!

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