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Tuesday, February 06, 2007



My footprint is "only" 10 acres.

Mark H

I don't get it. I live in town and can walk to anything, I have Greenstart so all my electricity at home and at work comes from renewable sources and I drive a car that gets 50 mpg, and I still have a huge footprint.


14 acres here. Diet counts for a lot because animal acriculture is mind-bogglingly wasteful.

Mark H

I don't know. Just took it again as if I was a vegetarian and now I'm somehow up to 34 acres.


There's got to be something weird with the way that it figures it's answer. I wish it told what weight it gave to what categories.

Mark H

It does. There's a chart right above your results.


I think it's probably reasonably accurate for a lot of urban, mobile Americans. But I noticed several weighty factors: the size of your house is important, there's no consideration that you will be living there for the next 40 years and not simply moving from place to place. The kind of car you drive is important, but the fact that it's only your second car in your entire 35-year driving span isn't. It's been awhile since I've taken it but I do recall the lack of emphasis on purchase of luxury items, something that most people around me seem to spend most of their money on.

To make it easier, I think they make some broadbased assumptions about what "everyone" does, and have a baseline footprint that you can't possibly go below.

Mark H

I think a huge factor is which country you live in as well. I just answered the same way (original result being 28 acres) but said I lived in New Zealand. It gave my footprint as 6.2 acres.


My footprint was 4.9, but that still is not magnificent compared to the rest of the world, just compared to the USA!


How many people live in your house, and how often you share a car count a lot, I assume. Those are my only quirks aside from not eating a great deal of meat.

Mark H

Yep, those two killed me, I think. I live alone in a 3 bed, 2 bath house. And because I use my car for work and don't commute I hardly ever share a ride.

Scorp, 4.9 is pretty damn impressive.

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