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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


D. Sidhe

I knew a few of them. Snorkel box, ferrule, spraint (not just otters, btw), tang, peen, aglet, phosphene, kick, keeper, the anatomical ones. I have several jars of dragees in various metallic colors in my cupboard.

Molly Ivins once told a story about going to a spa and being told to focus on something good about her appearance--someone had just informed her she had a fabulous space between her eyebrows, which she used as an affirmation. I suspect she'd be a little bummed to know there's a word for that. But maybe not.

Mark H

I love how each squiggle in a comic book curse has it's own name.

Professor Smartass

Six people came to my blog from here, but I can't figure out why. Nice pics by the way.


Rats! I was hoping I was on the list! But hey, maybe they'll read this post. NRA add me to your list! I'm against your policies as well.

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