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Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Well, the optical illusion thing didn't work for me -- or was that the point?


Pablo, it's a joke. It never tells you to remove your hand from your right eye, thus you are unable to see the kitten!



Oh, the mole-rat cam was cute!

D. Sidhe

Good book. I have it sitting right here beside me. You'll enjoy it.

The local zoo, well, one of the local zoos, had naked mole rats for the longest time. They're cute in a really odd way. I have a rubber one I got at the giftshop, which is about twice the size of an actual mole rat but otherwise disturbingly lifelike.


What a hoot! Tonight the mole-rat cam showed three of them asleep in the intersection, and lots of others would just run out of the tubes and stomp all over the street sleepers.

Mark H

Shouldn't you be out saving democracy instead of watching mole rats? :-)

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