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Saturday, April 12, 2008



RE the waterfalls
Uh, thanks for sending us to a site with ads for "vagina punching" videos. Ugh.


They were waterfalls when I went to the link.


Perhaps you have a better ad-blocker than I do. The sidebars were horrid.

D. Sidhe

I guess I have a good adblocker, too. I don't mind ads and don't leave it on all the time, but a couple of otherwise good sites were really starting to creep me out. I'm certainly not opposed to half-naked women, I just kind of like them in some format that indicates they're actual people rather than structurally unsound trophies.

The waterfall pictures are off a variety of other sites anyway, though. There used to be a gigantic archive of nature photos somewhere, I've used some of those falls as backdrops in a fish-sim game I play. I can't find that one, it may well be gone, but here's another one all us players used a lot, with, I hope, worksafe ads: http://www.thegardenhelper.com

Go to free desktop wallpaper. Sorry about the blogjacking, Mark, but hopefully you'll dig the slug pictures as much as I do.

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