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Saturday, July 10, 2010



Mark, when will they air your input on CNN?

Mark H

It's the online arm of CNN. They'll email me when it's posted and I'll link to it here.

Paul Lamb

Oh, that Paul is a fraud.

D. Sidhe

I'm pagan and schizophrenic and I'm still weirded out by the notion that there are people out there saying, apparently, Hey, maybe this octopus can't tell what sports team will win or maybe he can, I just want all the facts before I draw my own conclusions.

Again, I'm *nuts*, full bore talk-to-myself hallucinating-zombies, thought-G-Gordon-Liddy-was- in-my-crawlspace-for- a-week *insane*, and it really bothers me when the allegedly sane people are actually out there discussing a psychic octopus like there's something to even debate.


D. Sidhe,
Was it Liddy in the crawlspace? Enquiring minds & all.

D. Sidhe

No, I was hallucinating again. It threw me for a while because my hallucinations almost never have sound, but I did eventually decide it was unlikely to actually be him, and after ignoring him for a while it went away.

My shrink thinks this is weird, that I can tell what's probably a hallucination, but I have to wonder what kind of life she leads that if she saw zombies in her hallway, she would assume they were real. I spend a lot of time having to remind myself *I* am the crazy one.

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