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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Southern Quebec

At the North Pole?


ha! my guess too: north pole. Since that's taken, how about at Ka'aba itself? How many guesses do we get? ;)

Derryl Murphy

Yeah, inside the Ka'aba, or on the exact opposite side of the Earth, I'll bet.


The North Pole does not eliminate where Mecca is, so that`s a wrong answer, imo.

I`ll go with Islamic miners who may not know compass points from underground.
I also think that they can use best guess judgement no matter where they are, if they don`t know.
Prayer is prayer, direction is secondary. Just my opinion.


I'm going with outer space.
I believe Muslim astronauts can pray in any direction.


With regard to naafil (supererogatory) prayers, it is permissible to face any direction one wishes if one is riding whilst travelling.


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