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Tuesday, December 04, 2012



Good, enriching story. You have much to be proud of, including your stamina to drive yourself.

Of course, the fire alarm incident exposing violations at the Catholic school is classic irony!


Have you read Summerhill by A.S. Neill?


There are many students like you. I usually could ferret them out (at least before teaching the test reared its ugly head, and getting to know the kiddos was almost impossible). Those students were my favorites. But I never had the insight of Mr D. What a great teacher.

And above it all - you turned out well. I think most of my tough students did too.

Mark P

OK, I hate to have to tell you this, but that is an inspiring story. Maybe it should be required reading by every principal in every school.


That is a beautiful story - thanks for sharing it.


wow, ditto what everyone else said. i'm very ignorant when it comes to what works and what doesn't in an educational system, but i do know that what we have right now in this country isn't working. we need people in the education system that think like you do. ever thought about running for the local school board?

Jim/The Velvet Blog

That was just plain great.


What George Carin said. Schools are trying to create obedient workers. I see it with our school system. They do not create independent, creative people.


I wish my kid had him now. What a difference that would make. He is similarly into falcons and owls---excels when he is allowed to work with them and flounders otherwise. What a great story.


As a RI elementary teacher, we have muliptiple meetings on the new Common Core curriculum, and it's only going to get worse. They pretty much want all students to be robots, on the same page on every subject and every subject area is writing, writing, and more writing.


Here is my FB post from the other night.
I'm bored, so I'm thinking...I remember when I first started teaching and it was a true honor to work for Cranston, it was one of the cities that respected and honored their teachers,(not anymore ). I remember when student growth could have been anything social, academic, or emotional. Not every student was on the same page, and that was ok, because maybe they made a gain in an area that they needed to thrive in before growing academically, and those things counted. You were thought of as a good teacher for making those important steps in a child's life, steps that they needed, steps to a stronger academic future...even if it was just bringing a child that was unhappy to smile, it was important because you were helping the whole child grow.


Amen! This is why I homeschool my bright, creative, energetic, son. Instill a lpove of learning and give them the space, there is no telling where they will go, but they will soar!


Wow - thanks for sharing! It is awful how much creativity is being taken away from teachers. But, as you saw, some don't deserve it either. I too had ONE teacher that made a difference. Imagine if they had all tried that hard? I had SEVERAL who made me feel unliked and worthless. I have a feeling if all teachers actually liked kids and teaching - all these horrid test requirements would have never happened. My experiences with those teachers who had no interest in real teaching are a big part of why I'm homeschooling my own kids.


Powerful! Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring...and reminder to tune into children.

Melissa R

Wow. Thank you for sharing this with us. This is part of why I homeschool my son. Thank you for bring Biomes to us and thank Mr D. for that, too.
Kids don't belong in a box. They don't all learn the exact same thing at the exact same time. You CAN learn algebra at the same time that you are learning to spell house. You CAN do what you were meant to do, if you are given the freedom.

Eric B.

Standardized testing needs to go. It helps nothing, and can in fact hurt. How many schools have you heard about where staff were found guilty of changing kids' answers to improve scores? I know of two right here in the RI/MA area.


Personally I think your story is more an inspiration and reminder to teachers that they can make a difference. Regardless of curriculum or standards or testing, teachers should be differentiating for their students and this is a great example of the benefits of that. Our teachers need people to treat them like the professionals with advanced degrees that they are, fully fund education, and perhaps we can get more people like Mr. D to become/stay teachers rather than pursuing other avenues.

Lynn Marie Dubeau

Thank you so much for taking the time to get this story out there. It is inspiring to read and it reminds me that when one of my children is passionately into a topic that I need not fear. That in allowing someone to immerse themselves in the study of their choice, they can be then motivated to try other things.

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